Sunday, 2.12.2012

Second Racing Day

 We packed all our belongings in the morning, knowing we would not be returning to the hotel. We were not in a hurry to get to the course as most of the prairie was blanketed in fog, which put a stop to any sailing. On the other hand, it was “miraculously” freezing in the night and the temperature was still below zero after breakfast. The day before I was afraid we would not even get to our yachts left on the ice.

We equipped the boats and as soon as the fog disappeared we went racing. The ice was a bit bumpier than the day before, but it was still hard, black ice without any water on it. We did not have much time. The temperature was expected to rise up to 10 degrees and that could be dangerous. I watched methane bubbles under the ice before we started. They were quite large in places. I had neither a drill nor matches on me. But come on, I was there not to study bubbles (more on bubbles here).

We managed to sail three races. The ice was already softer during the last one. My shoes were soaking wet. The wind was growing stronger but the ice was rapidly softening. Once I finished 16th, but later it got worse. Yet I was satisfied overall. We managed to race for all three days and that is not common. I ended up in 23rd position in the gold group. Daniel, my host was 18th. Frankie reached 3rd place in Ice Opti and added the 6th place in the adult DN category in the silver group on top of that! Hurrah for the young! Lake Pelican is sunlit and becoming depopulated again. Perhaps some other time…