Saturday, 1.12.2012

First Racing Day

I am in America! Eating breakfast in McDonald’s. Arriving at Lake Pelican the others were shouting in excitement over the shiny ice. I could smell a rat. The ice could not have got even smoother in the night. I went straight onto the ice. It was water! The whole lake was covered by a continuous one-centimetre-thick layer of water.

The ice had not been damaged otherwise, so we would race. We divided into two groups, each according to his own estimation. I went for the better – even though I might end up last there.

Tim and Mike that I had trained with and who were of the same speed as me went for the second group. Both groups managed to sail 4 races during the day. The first two did not work for me at all. The wind was too weak and I could not manage. After a good start, I usually found myself in the middle of the fleet but gradually started losing and finished among the last. There were 25 of us in the group. Well I got what I had asked for. However, the wind grew a bit stronger in the last two races and I perhaps also tuned up the trim a little. I arrived in 19th place. And then in 16th which was great encouragement for me.

At the end of the day, we were not even soaked with water. Bit by bit, the water had seeped in the ice. Yet the temperature was above zero for the whole day and the ice thinning. Who knew how things would be the next day…