Thursday, 29.11.2012


 I went to bed early yesterday not yet having overcome the jetlag. On the other hand, it was easy to get up at 5 a.m. Daniel took me for his triathlon swimming training. Well, last time I swam it was my summer holiday – but their interval training was a different story. It really got me. After three interval kilometres in not much more than an hour I climbed out of the pool – without other people’s help.  And I managed to walk away on my own, something I am proud of. Yet it was a rather wobbly walk.

We spent the rest of the day in the workshop preparing runners, booms and other equipment. There were 6 people at one moment in the shop and all of them working diligently. It definitely confirmed that these guys are as crazy as my friends back at home. So much work for such a short time on the ice.

In the afternoon, we went to collect a trailer on which the whole “circus” gets transported. We collected it at Wes’s place. Wes has a huge barn used by his friends as a shelter for their toys. I went through all of it and was all singing and dancing. Three A-class catamarans, two F18 catamarans, about four ice yachts, bikes, motorbikes… Daniel and Wes were laughing at me, asking when I was moving to Madison.

Late in the afternoon, everything was prepared, packed and loaded on the trailer and we set off towards the ice in the north. Seven hours of driving was waiting for us to our destination – Lake Pelican in Minnesota.