Sunday 25/1/2016

MS DN 2016, Vaclav bThe lake is blanketed in thick mist from the morning. I know this for sure, because I am among the first to arrive on the ice. The weather is very warm, not freezing at night and 5 degrees above zero during the day. There is water on the ice. No wind and if there will be then it will be weak all day. Despite this we prepared yesterday, ground our runners for soft ice and adjusted everything we could. The skippers’ meeting has been postponed by an hour several times, the race commission wants to continue with the race should the conditions allow.

Many of the competitors use the delayed start to move the heavier trailers from the ice to the bank. Despite the thaw the ice is still strong enough but one never knows. I’ve had my trailer on the bank since yesterday and I’m not now taking my car on the ice. Despite this there are still some 30 cars parked on the ice.

And because our team is never idle, we hold our own competition, to see who can go furthest without a sail. You see Josef Mareček has a load transducer. Various riders put on a range of runners, to see which functions best on a given ice. With the help of a load transducer we harness a bungee to the back of the yacht. The pull is 17.3 kg and we test who goes furthest. It’s a great laugh and other racers approach and can’t believe their eyes. Martin Vacula wins the competition by quite a margin. My result is the second worst, so I have no idea how I managed to qualify for Group A yesterday.

At one in the afternoon the commission definitively postpones the start to the next day. I am a bit concerned as to what will happen. We are worried about the further warm days that are supposed to be coming. This can very quickly create dangerous holes, and under the influence of the wind the ice can begin to move, crack, open up and make it dangerous to sail on safely.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings …