Thursday 21/1/2016

Česká výprava vjíždí na trajekt Rostock - Trelleborg“OK, fine, I’ll finish grinding the runners – still about an hour – and then I’ll go home to get some sleep for the journey.” That’s what I said on Thursday 21/1 in the afternoon when my phone beeped in my pocket with notification from the commodore of the ice yachts that this year’s World and European Championships would be held in Sweden.

A few hours later however everything had changed. I was sitting in the car with a trailer fully packed with Compotech DN masts, two complete ice yachts and plenty of other items necessary for this kind of enterprise and heading north. I join the convoy of the Czech expedition which intends to set off already today in the night. Only that way and with the help of other drivers will I be able to go non-stop overnight and make the morning ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg. And on Friday evening we will be there. This year our destination is Lake Glan near the city of Norrköping.

MS DN 2016, svarovani bThe journey was trouble-free, aside from a tiny bit of welding of part of the trailer from Staré Splavy. The guy didn’t let it bother him, simply pulling a spot welder out of his car and fixing it. I just slept through it all. In my car I set things up for sleeping so that one can sleep while the other drives. In our case it was Martin Vacula. That way you can eat up the miles.

We get to the hotel in Norrköping around 11 p.m. after 20 hours on the road. We don’t have thoughts for anything other than sleep.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings …