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Pepa Marecek and Vladislav Ptasnik at Machovo lake enjoying some nice gusts.

Martin Sedivec and Vladislav Ptasnik pushing limits during F20 Predator training at Lipno lake. Tough pitchpole not missing.

August training of Ptasniks crew. Nice Predator uprighting after a wild pitchpole.

F20 Predators at Fehmarn Rung 2009. Tough race.

Blue Ribbon Hnacov 2009. Catamarans fitted there too.

Round Texel 2009. Perfectly edited thanks to

F20 Predator, crew V. and T. Ptasnik. CZE 007 for the first time at Nechranice lake.

F20 Predator CZE 8. Crew David Křizek and Milan Hajek for the first time at Nechranice lake.

F20 Predator hunting humpback whale! Or the other way round?

CompoTech F20 PREDATOR Promo Clip.

Single-handed speed gennaker record

Fehmarn Rund 2008. To the finish after 5 and a half of an hour.

Fehmarn Rund 2008. Little gennaker sailing after finish.

How to capsize and right back 3.05 m wide PREDATOR with help of water bag.

F20 PREDATOR Spiekerooge beach among seals in North Sea.