Technical Data

CompoTech F20 PREDATOR

Vlastnosti Hodnoty
lenght 20 ft = 6.1 m
width 3.05 m
mast 10.7 m
main sail 22m2
gennaker 27.7m2
weight 165 kg*

* ready to sail, glass-fibre foam epoxy hulls.


Hulls are produced from epoxy glass-fibre sandwich laminate using RTM method (infusion). Its benefits are longer lifetime, better mechanical resistance and osmosis resistance. You can choose from glassfibre or full carbon hulls version. Mast, beams, boom, gennaker pole, tillers, tiller transversal tube, tiller extension, mast rotation tube all this is produced from carbon fibre by means of unique CompoTech filament placement technology. It enables to put fibres in required place with optimal orientation so that maximal performance is achieved with minimum material volume.

Equipment in details:

  • epoxy glass-fibre foam sandwich with carbon reinforcement
  • conical carbon mast with stainless steel diamond
  • adjustable carbon spreaders
  • carbon boom
  • carbon beams
  • carbon gennaker pole
  • glassfibre Dotan rudders, kick up system
  • carbon daggerboards
  • carbon tillers
  • carbon tiller transversal tube
  • carbon tiller extension (2.8 m)
  • Harken Carbo mainsheet 8:1blocks
  • 4x Harken Carbo ratchet gennaker block
  • other Harken fittings
  • main sheet Racing Sheet Ocean
  • gennaker sheet with narrow ends
  • Pentexu main sheet
  • Dyneema 5 mm front and side stays
  • 4x trapeze Dyneema 3 mm
  • Euro Trax wheels beach trolley with cradles