The Cat


CompoTech F20 PREDATOR belongs among most performing cats of its kind.  Its light construction is based on usage of modern technologies. High speed flying hull sailing will provide you with adrenaline experience. You do not need to be a well trained 49er sailor to enjoy speed often close to 20 knots.


F20 PREDATOR can also serve you as a stable base for chill-out picnic sailing with trampoline full of children and friends. Thanks to 28 m2 gennaker you will move surprisingly quickly even in a very light wind confusing all monohull skippers around you. Nearly zero draft opens all lake or sea bays and beaches for you.


You want to race? Just join Czech Class ALT Formula 20. Or just join OPEN regattas in the Czech Republic. Do you want to meet community of 20ft cat riders in various international regattas held on lakes or seas? Check Races and Events page to see at least few of them.

Easy Transport

It is easy to transport F20 PREDATOR without disassembling. It fits on a trailor in slanting position. To get on water is than quick and easy.