Sun Cup 2009

26/9/2009 Sun Cup at Orlík

Vladislav Ptašnik

This was our first time at this race and it was as good as anticipated. The event is mainly a meeting of yachtsmen of Orlík on cabin cruisers. However, not being very orthodox, they put up with our racing Predator.

What I liked the most was this statement from Josef Novák, the race organiser: “You wanted offshore, so offshore you get!”. The point is that this is an eight-hour race in which you circle up and back down from Radava along the narrow and meandering Vltava – even though held back by the Orlická dam – for the whole eight hours. Almost no wind at the start. This meant that the cabin cruisers overshadowed us completely. After a while, however, Alena and myself freed ourselves from their grip and started moving forward. We were in the second position at the first buoy next to the dam and we caught up with the leading yacht on the way upstream beyond Orlík castle. Then we spent the rest of the race just pulling away from the other vessels. We need to encourage another catamaran to take part next time. Yet, it was worth it – a beautiful autumn day, even though only once or twice on the trapeze.

New finding: two sailing vessels going in opposite directions can both sail on gennakers. Only at Orlík, however.