Red Wolf Catamaran Open

24.-25.9. 2011 Red Wolf Catamaran Open!

Vladislav Ptašnik

A respectable total of twelve catamarans gathered at the last race. Four Tornados, two Predators and an additional four beach catamarans: Nacra, Hurricane, Comlet and Hobie. The guys from Jesenice lost points with us for not coming. This race beat the August Jesenice race in both the number of vessels and the wind – at least on Saturday. In spite of serious concerns about Friday, the event managed to run a solid four races in moderate wind. They were not boring at all; the vessels sailed well against the wind, hulls flashing through the air on the way down. They, however, had to be assisted a bit.

Definitely, at least the first six to seven vessels enjoyed close manoeuvres, alternating overtaking, starts and forced turns. This experience will surely come in handy under stronger wind next time. The number of catamarans in the OPEN category seems to be growing. No wonder, whoever tries it once …

Thanks to Martina Barnetová, we have great pictures. Thanks to our sponsors Red Wolf, we energised ourselves with their drinks and thanks to Zdeněk Pavliš, we all enjoyed T-shirts printed with symbols of this race.

1. CZE 686 – D. Křížek and Z. Adam – CK FISCHER

2. CZE 62 – Z. Pavliš and A. Novák – PREFA Hubenov

3. CZE 2 – J. Petrák and B. Fousek – BENTEX Plast

4. CZE 007 – V. Ptašnik and J. Ptašnik – CompoTech team, F20 Predator

Complete results coming soon


press release by David Křížek