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2.3.-5.2015 Luky Regatta at Jesenice

Vladislav Ptašnik

2015 Jesenice, Honza and MirkaWe arrived with Jachym already on Friday for a proper training. Blowing hard. Hozna Kopún organized everything for us perfectly. So we went for it. First time on water this year. I told Jachym: „Today I definitely do not want to swimm.” And after few moments ww stuck with right bow under water downwind. Jachym flyed on trapez to bowsprit end. I jumped from three metres from top of capsized boat. Honta and Mirka backed up and stayed close.

Weak wind on Saturday. 8 crews in Cat Open and 4 in Tornado. Starting all together 12 boats. Made 2 races. In Cat Open we are doing well but Tornadoes give us hard time. There is one regularly ahead of us. That would be still good but sometime there are 3!

2015 Jesenice, CZE 007On Sunday arrived Martina Barnetova and made nice pictures. Wind stronger and we made three races. We won Cat Open category and first time can enjoy (temporarily – untill next regatta) Cat Open trophy. And we definitelly will enjoy it! Tornadoes won by David Krizek and Zdenek Adam.

.Results Catamaran Open                                               Photogallery “Enjoying Trophy”
Results Tornado                                                               Photogallery Jesenice 2015

 4.-12.4.2015 Baikal DN Iceboating.

Vladislav Ptašnik

Where could be Diderick?I was lucky to manage to get for the second time at iceboaters paradise at Maloe more on lake Baikal for one week of DN sailing. More in the Icepredator blog.
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