News 2014

19.12.2014 DN inline training II., Kadov airport

Vladislav Ptašnik

Kadov DN inline 19.12.2014

This time was the nature generous and wind came. It is only half of an hour from Susice. Great – but only if you have your stays in the trailor. So back for stays, one hour lost. At the end it showed up that I would not miss anything as I had to finish my session earlier than intended. Wind blowed 16-30 knots, 60 in gusts.

I had no clue how to slow down or stop my boat at the end of downwind leg. 30-40 m wide landing stripe became suddenly too narrow. My boat accelerated up to 50 km/hour. After few heavy skids I better went home.

See video here.

10.12.2014 DN inline training I., Kadov airport

Vladislav PtašnikKadov inline I.

This is a clear proof that ice sailing is something really extraordinary. Why would some people do all this only to feel for a while like “to be in an iceboat”?

See video here.

25.-29.6.2014 Dutch Catamaran Open and Round Texel

Vladislav Ptašnik

Texel po větru do cíle
Again at Texel after one year break. We made with Jáchym 43rd place on Line of Honour! Finally among firt 50 boats. After Texel handicap applied then 66th position. Super resuld made by other Czech crew Jan Kopun/Jan Kratochvíl, Texel rating 56th position!

oficial video (F20 Predator in 51-53 sec)
results Dutch Catamaran Open 2014
results Round Texel 2014

21.3.2014 Winter Impressions

Vladislav Ptašnik

From December 2013 since March 2014 – very intensive ice DN sailing home and internationally, more at links bellow: