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14.11.2012 F20 Predator Meets Eome 35

Vladislav Ptašnik

I set off for Lake Lipno on my own without agreeing with anybody else. It looked reasonably windy. The grey weather of the recent days finally changed. A sunlit and rippled water surface welcomed me upon … read more

28.-29.9.2012 Catamaran Open and Tornado Czech Republic Championship

Vladislav Ptašnik

Last winter, when the date of this race was announced, I thought: “It’s later than other years, no longer an Indian summer, it’ll be windy!” But it wasn’t so. We stayed …read more
Results Catamaran Open Jestřábí II 2012

David Krizek’s Tornado race report
Results MČR Tornád

26.8.2012 Baby Predator mk4 Test

Vladislav Ptašnik

Another series of tests took place at the end of August. Representatives from Compotech and Multi-hul Shop were testing their Baby Predator mk4 on the Wesser river in North Germany. Everything was happening …read more
video here

24.-26.8.2012 Polish Sea Catamaran Championship

Vladislav Ptašnik

Well, back to Poland. The last time we raced here was in 2010. The three cities (Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia) welcomed us with heavy summer vacation traffic. We were not the only Czechs here this year. Jan Kopun and Jan Kratochvíl arrived here with their Hobie Tiger as well. The fact that we were here was partly … read more

16.-17.6.2012 CompoTech Catamaran Open

Vladislav Ptašnik Early this past winter, I agreed to organize a catamaran race with Ondra and Vítek in CompoTech. We’d like to establish a tradition. This couldn’t happen without the enthusiasm of the catamaran community or our own hard work. We’ll see how it’ll work in …read more

CompoTech Catamaran Open 2012 Overall Results
Without Tornadoes
Only Tornadoes
Photo gallery

6.-10.6.2012 Dutch Catamaran Open and Round Texel 2012

Vladislav Ptašnik

Third time at Texel. Monday: arrival and accommodation. Tuesday: tractor with a trailer to the beach and assembling the boat. This was more or less a routine, upset only by the fact that I’d be sailing with my son, Jáchym, this year and that it would be his first race in the sea’s waves. It wouldn’t be easy. We wouldn’t be the only Czech boat. Other than us … read more
results Dutch Catamaran Open                results Round Texel 2012

Invitation to the CompoTech Devoti One Cup and the CompoTech Catamaran Open

Vladislav Ptašnik
CompoTech is sponsor of two yachting races, both of them taking place in June. The CompoTech Devoti One Cup will be held between June 9 and 10, 2012. Devoti One is rather a new class established by the company Devoti Sailing. CompoTech is the supplier of all carbon profiles for this very interesting and modern yacht, featuring a gennaker. The boat is becoming ever more popular, which is documented by sales of nearly 200 of them. They can be seen in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and China.

The CompoTech Catamaran Open is the other race. It will take place one week later, i.e. June 16 to 17, 2012. It is well known that we in Compotech are very fond of catamarans. We would like to support the development and spread of these boats in the Czech Republic. Both races will be held at the Jestřábí I camp in Černá v Pošumaví. How we look forward to them!
NOR CompoTech Devoti One Cup
NOR CompoTech Catamaran Open

29.5.2012 CompoTech wins the “Construction of the Year in Pilsen Region 2011” prize

Vladislav Ptašnik The unexpected brings the most joy. And we really did not expect this in Compotech. Our company building won this prize within the “new buildings” category. Our thanks obviously to Irena and Karel Janda, our architects, to Mr. Prášek the chief site engineer, to J. Pohanka from Lesní Stavby as the contractor and to many others who contributed.

26.5.2012 Lipno Marathon

Vladislav Ptašnik
Two Predators appeared at the start: CZE 007 with Vladislav and Jáchym Ptašnik and CZE 013 with Víťa and Milda on board. This crew started with a brand new, just finished, experimental mast. Unfortunately, the new mast did not survive an impact on the water surface after a wild somersault over the bows 600 m after the start at a speed of 16 knots and CZE 013 brought its sacrifice to the altar of development. The remaining Predator CZE 007 arrived back at the finish after approximately 3.5 hours in third place following two Tornadoes: the winning one with David Křížek and Zdeněk Adam and the second with the Pavliš brothers. The repaired mast should be ready for further extreme testing in about 2 weeks.
As seen by David +

24.5.2012 CompoTech is about to introduce their new F20 Predator wingmast

Vladislav Ptašnik
The Predator CZE 013 crew (Vítek and Milda) are finalising their new “wingmast” before the Lipno Marathon, the first race of the Czech season. It is a modified NACA profile with a respectable length of 20 cm. It is also narrower compared to the older masts, which promises lower resistance. Its surface is twice as large as the original masts of the other Predators thanks to the profile’s length. We will have to recalculate the Texel Rating for it, as the sail area (which includes the mast area) will be by approximately 1 m2 larger! The suspension of both the front and the side stays uses a new design. It is clear that the mast will be thoroughly tested throughout the whole season and that CZE 013 will start doing so as early as tomorrow – at Lipno. This will reveal the results of the winter’s endeavours.

21.-29.1. 2012 Baby Predator at Boot Düsseldorf

CompoTech is further developing its inflatable catamaran Baby Predator. The fourth generation of this unusual concept can be seen at  Boot Düsseldorf. Series production is being prepared for the summer 2012. Baby Predator attracted already a lot of attention during the first exhibition weekend. There is no other concept like this. Judge on yourself.
Photogallery                  English Flyer                         German Flyer