News 2011

24.-25.9. 2011 Red Wolf Catamaran Open!

Vladislav Ptašnik

A respectable total of twelve catamarans gathered at the last race. Four Tornados, two Predators and an additional four beach catamarans: Nacra, Hurricane, Comlet and Hobie. The guys from Jesenice lost points with . . . read more    photogallery    press release by David Křížek

25.9.2011 Milan Koláček at start of  MiniTransat 2011!

Vladislav Ptašnik

There is just few days left before Milan Koláček starts in 2011 Minitransat solo race on Sunday 25.9.2011. Minitransat is a crazy small boat with length of 6.5 m only. Note that it is just 40 cm longer than F20 Predator. We will  be holding our thumbs for Milan in this demanding race.More info at Milan’s web    pics

4.-5.6.2011 Lipno Marathon

Vladislav Ptašnik

Broňa Fousek (Tornado CZE 22) recently told me that we should stop using our slogan from the poster for the Lodě na vodě exhibition “F20 Predator – the fastest sail boat in the CR” – that it is not true. Partly I agreed with him and partly just for fun I told him: “… depends when and with whom,” and we laughed. The weekend and especially Sunday proved how much this was true.
The Lipno race on Saturday welcomed 14 catamarans and 26 keelboats at the start. A record. Whoever is considering taking part next year should not hesitate. It is an extraordinary form of racing in … read more    long distance race    buoy race

21-25.6.2011 Dutch Catamaran Open Championship and Round Texel

Vladislav Ptašnik

Monday, June 20, 2011

After a whole day travelling, we arrived at the Dutch island of Texel last night. In six days, we want to take part in the 34th year of the largest catamaran race in the world: Round Texel 2011. Yet, we would like to train a bit before it starts. In addition, we want to race in a circular race of the Dutch Catamaran Open 2011. Our team consists of . . . read more
Dutch Catamaran Open 2011    Round Texel 2011    pics

20.-21.8. 2011 Jesenice Catamaran Open

Vladislav Ptašnik

No one expected this to be the biggest open catamaran regatta so far in the Czech Republic. 10 boats gathered at the starting line. Together with two keel sailsboats and two Fireball dinghies. A lot of fun. Organizers from Jesenice took care about music and live commentary of running race. Three races on Saturday in light wind and unfortunatelly no race in Sunday. Decent party in Saturday until Sunday too. Results here.