Masurian Lakes 2010

10.8.2010 Masurian lakes

Vladislav Ptašnik

A paradise for yachtsmen and fishermen. A system of lakes interconnected with rivers and channels. Clean water and reed beds. Occasionally shallows off the waterway. Lake Sniardwy covers over 100 km2. Poles and Germans are the most frequent visitors. When the motorways currently under construction are finally finished, the number of visitors will surely increase.

Just like the Czechs who go canoeing down Czech rivers in droves each year, the Poles go yachting to Masuria. And one day when they find out that a catamaran is best for it, it will become a catamaran paradise. Our Predator attracted a lot of attention. No wonder, we met only one more (TopCat) catamaran in all our time there. Otherwise not a trace. Sailing on one hull with a gennaker and overtaking one chartered sailboat after another made their crews cheer excitedly.

Mazuria is a famous winter base for Polish DN ice sailing yachtsmen. One of them, Lukáš Zakrzewski, 2010 world vice-champion in DN ice yacht, took a ride on our Predator and was thrilled. I hope he will get one for the summer and will not fool around on the locally popular Omegas.