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Baikal, Asia Cup I., Day 5

bajkal, zahájení 2 a

Thursday, April 3 2014 Another beautiful, sunny day. This morning I feel woozy again and it takes an hour to really wake up. I’m fit for the official start at noon though. The wind isn’t blowing so there’s no hurry. … read more »

Baikal, Training for Asia Cup, Day 4

bajkal, obchod a

Wednesday, April 2 2014 It’s really tough to get up in the morning for us Europeans. We still haven’t adjusted to the time change. It’s not a big problem though; nothing here starts before 9 am anyway. We’re in Asia … read more »

Baikal, The Journey to the Lake, Day 3

bajkal, dobyt a

Tuesday, April 1 2014 The organisers arranged a transfer all the way to the site of the race for us. Two cars are waiting in the morning, a Land Rover and a VW Sharan. Irkutsk is soon behind us and … read more »

Baikal, Irkutsk, Day 2

baikal, bobr a

Monday, March 31 2014 The hotel phone wakes me at noon local time. It’s Jörg, our European commodore. He has just arrived and he’s going to bed. He tells me to join a group of German sailors who arrived yesterday. … read more »

Baikal, The Journey, Day 1

Bajkal letadlo a

Sunday, 30th March 2014 Do you know how many DN Compotech masts there are in Russia? None so far. That has to change. This year, I’m joining a group of European ice sailors who have headed towards Baikal several times. … read more »

DN WC and EC 2014, Day 9, Racing

Láďa jede

Friday, March 7, 2014 The morning was freezing, exactly like the forecast said. And the wind announced itself by beating the flags hoists on the masts in front of our hunting cabin. Its owner, Vahur, is a hunter and he … read more »

DN WC and EC 2014, Day 8, Racing

Skipper meeting u mé lodi.

March 6, 2014 Today we actually had to push the boats all the way to the starting line. There was no wind at all! The ice was hard and smooth in the morning, so it was quite easy. The sun … read more »

DN WC and EC 2014, Day 7, Racing


March 5, 2014 Today finally some sun, but the wind is rather slow. We are standing on sea ice, 5 km from the port of Haapsalu. The ice is still strong, around 32 cm. It’s getting weaker, thankfully just slowly. … read more »

DN WC and EC 2014, Day 6, Racing

Vojta na startu

March 4, 2014 “On the starting line at 10 am sharp, there’s no waiting for anyone”. That’s exactly what Stan Macur said at the today’s morning skipper’s meeting in Haapsalu port. Without delay, we set off with our loaded boats. … read more »

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