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Baikal 2015, Asia Cup I, Day 2

Bajkal 2015,

Saturday April 4, 2015 When I arrive at the container in the morning it’s already open and most of the yachts are outside. Mine wasn’t so I got busy. The sun was shining and it was pretty cold as I … read more »

Baikal 2015, Travel, Day 1

Bajkal 2015,

Friday April 3, 2015 By plane from Prague to Moscow – about two hours and you’re there. Then take a plane to Irkutsk and it is something over five hours. Like going by car to Košice? How simple it is … read more »

Baikal, Baikal Cup II, Day 13

Bajkal, balime a

Friday, April 11 Another sunny day, wind just perfect around 4-5 m/s, sometimes slowing down to 3 m/s. Yesterday I managed to seal the plank holders using epoxide from Oleg, R 1. The boat stayed in our room all night. … read more »

Baikal, Baikal Cup I, Day 11 and 12

Bajkal, bajkal cup a

Thursday, April 10 The last regatta here in Baikal started yesterday. It’s called the Baikal Cup. It was a lovely day, but no wind. We waited on the ice for a long time, but for nothing. That’s why I didn’t … read more »

Baikal, Russian Championship III, Day 10

Bajkal, Stan má přednášku o mých bruslích a

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 “Veter my nie obmanuli – We haven’t fooled the wind”. We tried to organize everything two hours earlier today, but there was no wind early in the morning either. We move the start to 11 am. … read more »

Baikal, Russian Championship II, Day 9

Bajkal, vysledky m. Ruska po 4 zavodech a

Monday, April 7 2014 Today they completely messed up at breakfast, good thing we went there so early. The wind is nice again in the morning, so we are rushing to get our stuff ready. Even though it was not … read more »

Baikal, Russian Championship I, Day 8

Bajkal, Alexandr R 15 na CZ 112 a

Sunday, April 6 2014 Today we get up before nine to make it to breakfast in the pub on time. The manageress Ludmila always smiles and says everything is on its way, but the girls in the kitchen seem to … read more »

Baikal, Day Off, Day 7


Saturday, April 5 2014 There is no wind today so they called a day off to rest. We have some yacht repairs and adjustments to do, as well as sharpening the runners. I don’t have a grinder here so I’m … read more »

Baikal, Asia Cup II., Day 6

Bajkal, Asia Cup, Jost a koně a

Friday, April 7 2014 The wind has been pretty strong since this morning. After breakfast I go to the container to pick runners made of surgical steel, I have them sharpened to 100 degrees. It will be warm, you see, … read more »

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