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EC DN 2016, Day Seven, Delay

ME DN 2016, moc fouka b

Wednesday 27/1/2016, European Championship There are only a few of us on the ice at dawn. Richard P 134 and a few Danes. Richard is a likeable experienced Polish ice yachtsman, racing at the head of Group C and we meet … read more »

WC DN 2016, Days One and Two, The Journey

MS DN 2016, svarovani b

Thursday 21/1/2016 “OK, fine, I’ll finish grinding the runners – still about an hour – and then I’ll go home to get some sleep for the journey.” That’s what I said on Thursday 21/1 in the afternoon when my phone … read more »

Baikal 2015, Russian Cup IV, Day 9

Bajkal 2015, vedoucí skupina

Saturday April 11, 2015 Head feeling good, not hurting, in the evening I drank plenty of water . It’s clear that we will not be racing long today. The last three starts remain. Another sunny day, a bit below zero and … read more »

Baijkal 2015, Russian Cup III, Day 8

Kde je asi Diderick?

Friday April 10, 2015 From the morning the weather perfect. Sunny with hard ice which does not soften even in the afternoon. A little more wind than yesterday, so we race all day. With the first race I did not … read more »

Baikal 2015, Russian Cup II, Day 7

Bajkal 2015 stupa

Thursday April 9, 2015 The forecast for today was dismal, but despite that it turned out to be the best racing day so far. For me certainly. But all in good time. It was sunny from the morning, but still … read more »

Baikal 2015, Russian Cup I, Day 6

Bajkal 2015, trenink CZ 112 b

Wednesday April 8, 2015 At eight it is still clear and all is lit by the strong Siberian spring sunshine. Once we get on the ice everything has changed. Clouds were descending from time to time from the mountains above … read more »

Baikal 2015, Baikal Cup II, Day 5

Bajkal 2015, cekani

Tuesday April 7, 2015 Today in the morning it was appreciably warmer outside and there was a wind blowing while we had breakfast. Today it was above zero for the first time. The wind down on the lake was very … read more »

BaikalL 2015, Baikal Cup I, Day 4

Bajkal 2015, The Blue Flame

Monday April 6, 2015 In the morning I get up before the others, so I can get everything prepared. I’m not sure if I was stupefied more by the stink from my things drying all around the room or from … read more »

Baikal 2015, Asia Cup II, Day 3

Bajkal 2015, stul b

Sunday April 5, 2015 In the morning around minus eight and sunny. It seems to be saying how could it be otherwise? Not even a hint of wind while we breakfast. Immediately after a mild thermal wind starts to blow, … read more »

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