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DN Regatta, Estonia 2016, Day 3

Estonsko, nedele rano b

In the morning it looks bad. Snow and rain. It is apparently supposed to stop at two in the afternoon. The Poles decide and everyone packs. I am so far from home that winning a few hours by quickly packing … read more »

DN Regatta, Estonia 2016, Day 2, Race

Estonsko, v pristavu b

So yesterday we did not make any trips, what can you do against nature? After breakfast in the hotel in Viljandi we go for about 20 minutes together with the Polish sailors to the lake. We wait together with the … read more »

DN Regatta Estonia 2016, Journey And Day 1

Estonsko, Tomek pred trhlinou b

In my anger I hit the steering wheel and shout profanities. For what is I guess the seventh time my mobile with the navigation app falls from the wheel to the floor. I don’t dare take my eyes from the … read more »

EC DN, Day Nine, End Of The Contest

ME DN 2016, briefing a

Friday 29/1/2016 Today finally the wind is reasonable; at the briefing Henny and Dan send us to the racing track. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t good – it will be blowing a gale. If the European Championship is going to … read more »

WC DN 2016, Day Six, WC Conclusion


Tuesday 26/1/2016 In the morning I am again among the first on the ice. It isn’t easy; it means getting up very early in the morning and starting to work. Especially as Group A is to start first this morning. … read more »

WC DN 2016, Day Five, No Wind

MS DN 2016, Vaclav b

Sunday 25/1/2016 The lake is blanketed in thick mist from the morning. I know this for sure, because I am among the first to arrive on the ice. The weather is very warm, not freezing at night and 5 degrees … read more »

EC DN 2016, Day Eight, Storm

ME DN 2016, Fredy Z-42 measuring b

Thursday 28/1/2016, European Championship The automatic doors of the hotel garage open slowly. Outside there is a column of dry leaves whirling in a mini tornado. There won’t be any racing today. For the first time I head to the … read more »

WC DN 2016, Day Four, Qualification

MS DN 2016, CZ 112 b

Today qualification awaits us. To make things clear: the entire starting field is made up of 160 competitors and is divided into three groups. The first to start will be Group C (bronze) and out of these the best 12 … read more »

WC DN 2016, Day Three, Opening Ceremony

MS DN 2016, Roman hymna b

English translation coming soon….

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