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Baikal 2016, Baikal Cup, Day 10, Last Day

Bajkal 2016, CZ 112 b

And it is Saturday, our last day of racing. We have an east wind at 3-5 m/s, hard blue ice and it is bitterly cold. Around -9 degrees. The east wind blows along the island of Olkhon bringing the chill … read more »

Baikal 2016, Russian Championship and Baikal Cup, Day 9

bajkal 2106 na care b

First thing in the morning there was no wind so we took out our hockey sticks. Although the ice was bumpy it was possible to skate on it. We arranged an international match between the Czech Republic and Hungary in … read more »

Baikal 2016, Russian Championship, Day 8

Bajkal 2016 7.4. stupa b

Today the forecast claimed it was supposed to be good, a gentle 5 m/s wind and sunny. The second was true from the morning, but already in the night over the roof of the base a cruel north wind was … read more »

Baikal 2016, Russian Championship, Day 7

Bajkal 2016 rano silny vitr b

There is no racing in the morning and the next skippers’ meeting is put off until 1 p.m. A strong wind was blowing all night and also during the morning. The referee measured 35 knots and shifts of up to … read more »

Baikal 2016, Russian Championship, Day 6

Bajkal 2016, Jerzy b

In the night it did not freeze, but despite this there were no puddles on the ice by the shore in the morning. It is perceptibly colder on the ice. Today we go further on the lake, about 5 km … read more »

Baikal 2016, Russian Championship, Day 5

Bajkal 2016, Oleg slofika b

In the morning the referees start the next race, the Russian Open Championship. We wait until two for a wind that never arrives. Today there is a lot more cloud and so no thermals. After the end of the racing … read more »

Baikal 2016, Asia Cup, Day 4

Bajkal 2016, Asia Cup CZ 112 b

Once more it was sunny in the morning – no wind. It picks up a bit later, thermal, but not too steady. In the race it blows at 4-6 m/s, which would normally be a wonderful wind. However due to … read more »

Baikal 2016, Asia Cup, Day 3

Bajkal 2016, zahajeni b

The morning of the first day of racing is beautifully sunny. I’m still a bit washed out and don’t want to get up. The time difference is still going to be affecting me for at least another day. The opening … read more »

Baikal 2016, Journey and Preparation, Day 1 and 2

Bajkal 2016, Pavlina b

Somehow it happened and once more I am at Baikal for an ice yachting race. Already the third time this year. Originally I didn’t want to go but in the end Diderick Riemsdijk H 467 persuaded me. He called in … read more »

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