Hnačov Blue Ribbon 2009

27.7.2009 Hnačov Blue Ribbon

By Vladislav Ptašnik

The usual course of Modrá Stuha Hnačova was ‘interfered with’ by the participation of three catamarans. Two Predators from the CompoTech team and the Pilsener Tornado of Martin Šedivec arrived. Thanks to the reasonable decision of the main judge, the catamarans did their heats on a rota basis together with other boat categories, i.e. with Finns and Evropas. Especially Saturday was worth it, mainly due to a rather strong wind reaching up to 12 m/s in gusts. Hnačov lake is known for its turbulence.

The first catamaran heat almost ended up in a fiasco, but luckily it was aborted. Five minutes before the start, the wind began blowing strongly and “white horses” appeared on the waves. A Predator steered by Míra Špedl did not make it to the start as he could not bear away in the strong wind and stayed above the starting line. The second Predator steered by V. Ptašnik started accurately, but returned to the start after noticing that Martin Šedivec and his Tornado had “overslept” by one minute. After a while, however, one of the rudders on this Predator fell off and it had to return to the shore. In the meantime, Martin’s and Martina’s Tornado capsized, so people went to rescue them. This unlucky entrée, however, was made up for by the other heats and everyone went for it in the fresh wind.

‘Finners’ and ‘Evropars’ had a great time as well. Catamarans did not suffer any material losses, but single-hull boats did not get away scot-free: A number of capsized boats, several torn sails, one broken mast and a damaged deck on another Finn document it clearly.

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