Fehmarn Rund 2010

6.-8.8.2010 Fehmarn Rund 2010

Vladislav Ptašnik

The third time at Fehmarn. The sunny Friday training together with several local Tornadoes is giving hope for a great experience from the Saturday race. And really; beautiful weather even on Saturday, only a bit softer force 2-3 wind. A total of 83 boats met at the start, of which 39 were from our Open category. The start worked perfectly for Tadeáš and me (unlike last year), we were second or the third after the start.

So the beginning was good and off we go for the approximately 90-km-long race around the island. The race is going counter clockwise. The first part is a calm beating – we are holding our position in the first group of boats but gradually losing the fastest ones. Unfortunately, we only found the proper trim for this wind towards the end of the beating. Well, we will be wiser next time.

Finally we are at the first check gate at the island’s northwest side. The gennaker is going up right behind it and downwind running starts. This was the worst part of the race last year as the boat kept jumping wildly on the waves and digging its bows into them. It is exactly the opposite this year. No waves, smooth water like in a lake. Blue sky on top of this. The wind is growing stronger on the north, windward side of the island up to the ideal force 3-4. Tadeáš in the trapeze on the hull high above the water and me on the trampoline – we are dashing at 14 to 16 knots without any stress. Here and there we jibe not to get too far from the island. Wow, this is exactly why we sail on a catamaran! In addition, we can see that we had ceased losing the leading group of around 15 boats and escaped the large group of boats behind us. A flock of colourful gennakers can be seen spread across the horizon.

Under the bridge connecting Fehmarn Island with the mainland, sailing a headwind course, we are finally catching and overtaking the F18 Capricorn NED 36 with Kees Wiersema and Gerhard Nakker as crew.

One more before the finish: F18 Wildcat Ger 233 with Christoph Bock and Stephan Stüven. We are crossing the finishing line sixth by uncorrected time! We ended up in 8th position in our Open category with the rating included.
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