14.11.2012 F20 Predator meets Eome 35

I set off for Lake Lipno on my own without agreeing with anybody else. It looked reasonably windy. The grey weather of the recent days finally changed. A sunlit and rippled water surface welcomed me upon my arrival. Plus eight degrees centigrade was nearly the record temperature of the week.

I set up my Predator and put on literally all the clothes I owned. I could hardly move in them but I was warm. There was a slight inversion haze above the lake, which stayed there throughout the day. Coming snow could be smelt in the air. The moment I pulled up the gennaker I spotted a tall mast in the distance showing its silhouette against the low, sharply defined sun. Great! It must be Jonáš on his Eome 35!

And so it was. We sailed side by side for a while and then Jonáš shifted his friend Kama onto my boat to take a few photos of Eome 35 from Predator.

Kama was properly and warmly dressed, but for mountains, not for water. With her face hidden behind the camera and a bobble cap on her head I still do not know what she looked like. We wanted to follow Eome, but it was impossible to sail slowly. After one of the gusts, Kama was hanging head down from the trampoline, her foot hitched on a strap while holding her expensive camera in her hands with both hands, I realised that she was pretty tough. I think she kept taking pictures in all this. After a while, however, both Kama and her camera were so wet that they had to go back to Eome 35. I saw her pictures later on and I believe they came out really well. They managed to capture the autumn atmosphere perfectly. You can judge them for yourselves.

I found out on Facebook later on that Kama was a tough mountain biker. One cannot see her face even on the bike. 

And so what started as an inconspicuous day ended up as a beautiful close to the season on “soft water” as American ice sailors call it.