March 6, 2014

Skipper meeting at my boat.Today we actually had to push the boats all the way to the starting line. There was no wind at all! The ice was hard and smooth in the morning, so it was quite easy. The sun was shining, we saw the glistening surface of the Baltic Sea on the horizon. Europe Championship is in order today. That means we will sail in all the qualification fleets again, and the top 12 contestants qualify for the higher fleet.

The racing did not begin until 1 pm, when a weak wind started to blow. I knew very well I had no chance in this. I tried all possible runners, even the “angle” ones for slush. They did not sail bad, but the ice softened later and they caused a lot of friction. Neither of us managed to qualify for the higher fleet. Not even remotely. I had good starts, which usually lasted up until the first buoy, where I usually sail in 10th position or so, and after that I just keep falling behind. I got 21st and 25th place. Not very good. But I was cool with it. Martin sailed well, he has a deep sail which works fine and he does not complain about his runners either. He got 13th and 11th position.

Roman had 38th and 22nd place in fleet C. If he can keep it up, his results won’t be bad. Vojta managed 26th and 42nd place. He was very upset about the second result. Before his race, he moved the mast foot forward and forgot to shorten the front stay, so his mast was tilted back too much. For a little while it looked like he was about to break his own boat to pieces after he reached the finish line. The situation was serious, I had to do something. I asked him: “Would you like something to eat, Vojta?” When I got the right answer, I knew he was already fine.

CZ 92, MartinThe referees ended the race after that. Too bad. We could have managed one more fleet B in the wind, which was getting stronger. Hopefully tomorrow then. The forecast is good. It should be freezing at night and the wind should reach around 7 m/s. Finally something! If fleet A manages to make 4 heats tomorrow, the EC will be over and we will go home.

Oh well, we will see what tomorrow holds for us.

Results after the first day of EC here.

The Czech team results after the first day of EC
Fleet B
Martin Vacula, CZ 92, 9th place (13th, 11th)
Vladislav Ptašnik, CZ 112, 21th place (21st, 25th)

Fleet C
Roman Roček, CZ 100, 35th place (38th, 22nd)
Vojta Komárek, CZ 113, 40th place (26th, 42nd)