March 5, 2014

CampingToday finally some sun, but the wind is rather slow. We are standing on sea ice, 5 km from the port of Haapsalu. The ice is still strong, around 32 cm. It’s getting weaker, thankfully just slowly. We hate the weak wind with a passion. We know we don’t sail very well in it.  What’s important is that after yesterday’s collision, Martin put together the hull of the Ice Predator, completed with his own plank and mast. So he is ready to compete today.

Stan Macur, an inseparable part of ice sailing, as a starter rushes one heat after another, it’s really going fast. My results are more or less the same, yesterday twice in 14th position, today I will add another two 14th and a 22nd place. Martin must have been finding his feet in the first heat, he finished 17th, and then he twice finished just ahead of me, in 13th place. The results are very balanced for both of us and given the conditions, we certainly couldn’t do any better.

Roman and Vojta fought in fleet C, they even managed 4 heats. Vojta usually ended up among the second twenty contestants. Roman got one 13th position. His best result so far. He was unlucky in his first race. He was in first place almost all the way up at the windward buoy, when the pulley in his sail yard got loose. He could not continue without it and he had to withdraw.

BanquetThis was the last day of the Ice Sailing World Championship, in the evening we have a banquet at the Laina hotel and announcement of final results of the WC 2014. Karol Jabkonski is the absolute champion. He successfully defended the title for the eighth time!

So we have Europe Championship ahead of us tomorrow. According to the forecast, the wind is going to be even weaker. We will have a clean table and start from scratch.

We will see what tomorrow holds for us.

Czech team results at WC 2014

Fleet B
Vladislav Ptašnik, CZ 112, 14th place (44th, 14th, 14th, 14th, 14th, 22nd)
Martin Vacula, CZ 92, 38th place (DNF, DNF, DNF, 17th, 13th, 13th)

Fleet C
Vojta Komárek, CZ 113, 25th place (28th, 22nd, 21st, 33rd, 26th, 23rd)
Roman Roček, CZ 100, 38th place (35th, 44th, DNF, 35th, 13th, 24th)

Complete list of results here.

We will see what tomorrow holds for us.