Estonsko, nedele rano bIn the morning it looks bad. Snow and rain. It is apparently supposed to stop at two in the afternoon. The Poles decide and everyone packs. I am so far from home that winning a few hours by quickly packing makes no sense. I wait with the others and hope. In the end the organisers end the regatta before twelve.

There is a brief announcement of results. They remain unchanged from yesterday. The winner was Madars Alvikis O-311 by a wide margin, only first places and on top of which he came in half a circuit in front. However we discussed it in the evening. It needed properly blunted long straight runners. Second place was taken by the matador Vaiko Vorema C-6. And in third place Tomek Zakrzewski P-55.

Estonsko, pred zabalenim bEven if the black flag has been taken down and training is possible, I don’t go. The visibility is miserable and there wouldn’t be any point, too dangerous. In the afternoon I also pack up. Tomorrow I will set off home. So for all those one thousand two hundred kilometres travelled I had on race. Isn’t it a sport for the insane?

We will see what next time brings …