Catamaran Match Race Bolevák 2009

1.-2.8.2009 Catamaran Match Racing at Bolevák

Vladislav Ptašnik

Well, nothing like this had been here before! Who would have ever believed that match racing of the fastest sailing boats – catamarans – could be organised on such a small pool? Yes, it was possible and it was done successfully. I hope the yachtsmen from Plzeň forgive my comparing Bolevecký pond to a pool.

It should be mentioned that this pond is the home waters of David Křížek, probably our most successful yachtsman, who first started here. He was not missing from the match racing either. Many exciting duels fought by 8 teams in total, sailing two identical Tornadoes and two Predators could be seen.

The final group sailed only on Tornadoes.  It was a great master class in racing tactics for all participants. Each mistake was immediately apparent in position loss, there was no shortage of multiple unexpected turnarounds in duels. If only the wind had been stronger, but such is life. It seems that this attractive format will be followed up at Bolevák or perhaps other places in years to come. At the end, David Křížek and Petr Fiala won.


Results overall

David Křížek’s view

Martin Šedivec’s view

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