Bajkal 2016, zahajeni ruske mistrovstvi b

In the morning the referees start the next race, the Russian Open Championship. We wait until two for a wind that never arrives. Today there is a lot more cloud and so no thermals. After the end of the racing day we at least go to train, sometimes taking a ride on a gust. We run or stand on the lake, and every now and then someone takes a nap in a boat.

Bajkal 2016, Oleg slofika bAt least I tested the runners, which I ground from 100 to 105 degrees. I expect that it will be less inclined to dig in and will go more on the surface. For the purposes of comparison I exchange boats with Yuri Astashev R 22. His runs much better and I easily overtake him. Together we discuss why and Yuri gives me several tips for improvements.  

In the end we push the boat some 3 km into port. There is an evident change in the ice which is no longer so white, the snowy covering has partly melted and been absorbed into the ice’s surface which is noticeably bluer than in the morning. It is also smoother, if still soft. If there is a frost in the night then at least we can expect a quick race at noon. In the evening I tune the runners according to Yuri’s advice.

So we will see what tomorrow brings.