Tuesday, April 8, 2014

“Veter my nie obmanuli – We haven’t fooled the wind”. We tried to organize everything two hours earlier today, but there was no wind early in the morning either. We move the start to 11 am. The ice is hard, the surface all the white of white frost. The ice surface keeps changing – it’s a game of sun and water. Water which can do magic, it can be ice, steam, liquid. The sky is crystal clear today and it’s pretty hot on the shore. Most of us have already got quite bad sunburn.Bajkal, Stan má přednášku o mých bruslích

The wind isn’t strong enough after lunch either. We try one race nevertheless. Jurij, R 22, has the angle runners too. I think I scared him a little yesterday. We start off. The start is good – I pulled in front of everyone on my wing in the beginning. Oleg. R1. is slowly catching up with me after a while. His boat is a little bit faster. I have to run after a turn, he does not. As soon as we reach the upper buoy, I see the race is going to be cancelled. Well, it was worth trying. It was good that I was able to keep up with Oleg, the master of weak wind. Perhaps I will finally learn how to sail in such wind.

After another hour, Stan Macur puts the end to the regatta and sends us ashore. Yesterday’s ranking remains in place then. Oleg Vasilev, R 22, is becoming the champion of Russia. Pierre Bachelin, Z 25, is in second place, it worked out great for him. Jurij Astašev, R 22, in third position. I am seventh.

Bajkal, Ozero
The official announcement will take place in the evening, so we have time for a little trip. I am going to check out “Ozero” – the Lake. I got a route description. Three kilometres on the ice along the shore to the west, then watch out for a little path around a cottage on the shore. Of course I didn’t succeed at the first attempt, instead of “Ozero” I reach the hills somewhere above it. There was a really nice view of Baikal from there. I run back down and try another path. I’m not getting lost this time. “Ozero” is one of the shaman places. It’s a dry lake, rather a small one, which only has water in summer. And even that not every year. If there’s more water, the drainage creates a small creek. The water usually gets absorbed and evaporates. It’s without any doubt a magical place with a lot of butterflies.
Bajkal, motýli
There’s a female and male stone, supposedly possessing magical skills. Pretty much like Jews insert little stones into the Western Wall, the locals tie pieces of silk on the branches here. When I get home my legs hurt as if I had run three races.

After the Russian Championship results are announced in the evening, there is registration for another regatta, the Baikal Cup.

We will see what tomorrow holds for us.

Russian Championship Results.