Thursday, April 3 2014

Slavnostní zahájení, Asia CupAnother beautiful, sunny day. This morning I feel woozy again and it takes an hour to really wake up. I’m fit for the official start at noon though. The wind isn’t blowing so there’s no hurry. I make the last preparations and equipment changes. At 3 pm the wind starts blowing. But from completely the opposite direction to that it was blowing all day. It takes referees an hour to change the racing track. Great training. No super high speeds, but a quite strong pressure on the sail on bumpy ice surface.

ZahájeníWe’re standing on the starting line of the first race. 29 contestants have registered for the race. Sadly the wind didn’t wait and gets weaker. Oh well, what can one do? I don’t do well in a weak wind. Good start, I’m one of the first contestants to switch direction. I reach the upper buoy among first 6-7 yachts. But then I start losing ground and the lead of the race is escaping me. The second round is terrible, a lot of people overtake me. In the third round the wind gets stronger. My yacht speeds up considerably. As soon as it gets above the critical resistance, it’s awesome. I overtake 5-7 yachts. I’m very pleased with the final 9th position.

The second race was started, but then cancelled. The first contestant didn’t finish within the time limit. That means the wind is too weak. Now it’s time for the race of Ice Optimists, we will wait a little.

And on the starting line again, a repetition of the second race. A very good start – I’m among first at the lay line. However, after the turn I almost stop, I don’t know what’s going on. It was going well up until now. The yacht doesn’t want to get going, it sails and speeds up very slowly. At the same time the speed is too high to get off the yacht and push. I’m pulling my hair and trying my best. The situation is the same after each turn. The speed I had worked on so hard is gone and it takes ages to get going again. For the running I must sail around 100 m in parallel with the starting line, meaning I’m not getting any closer to the finish line during that time. I am losing to the leading yachts. The contestants are now spread so widely I have no idea what position I’m in. Sometimes I get off the yacht and get it running nevertheless. I’m reaching the finish line at walking speed, happy it’s over now. I feel terrible about the sailing, not happy at all. The results show 8th position. Well, that’s not bad at all. Apparently more people are struggling here. The race is over for today. I have sunburn all over my neck and cheek. I can expect some cold sores for sure. There should be a wind tomorrow.

Oh well, we will see what tomorrow holds for us.