First thing in the morning there was no wind so we took out our hockey sticks. Although the ice was bumpy it was possible to skate on it. We arranged an international match between the Czech Republic and Hungary in front of a multinational audience. Petr Hamrák M 53 and his son, who plays ice hockey competitively at home, represented Hungary. Here at Baikal he plays for the Ice Optimists. I represented the Czech Republic. The score was 3:3 when it was suspended due to the rising wind. We got rid of our hockey sticks and skates and headed for the start.

The first race started into the forecast east wind. Very weak. But after one circuit it was cancelled, for which I was grateful as I was halfway down the field.

We went straight into another race and this was completed in a weak wind. I lurched in 16th. That race ended the Russian Championship.

Within an hour the wind had turned through 180 degrees and we moved to the other side of the course. There was a thermal west wind blowing at 3-4 m/s. Nothing much but the ice was a lot faster than at the beginning of the week. Immediately from the start it was clearly that this time it would work. Somehow the first circuit didn’t work for me and I was about tenth at the lower buoy. In the second circuit I managed to work my way up to fifth place and I was gaining strongly on Jost G 936, who in the end still came in ahead of me in 4th place. By half a metre.

In the second race the wind had got a little stronger. Immediately after the start I was in third position behind Petr Hamrák M 53 and Oleg Vasilev R1. After the first turn against the wind I overtook Oleg. And that is how it stayed for all three circuits to the finish. Petr Hamrák was a bit ahead of us. But not much. Oleg was after me the whole time with evil intent. Later he said that he tried everything but couldn’t catch me. I was really happy with my second place and was looking forward to more races. However the wind dropped again and despite changing both sail and runners I finished the next races in 11th and 12th place, which I wasn’t too happy about.

Nonetheless after today I am in about 5th place in the Baikal Cup. But of course each day is different.

We will see what tomorrow brings …