Bajkal 2016, rano druhy den Asia cup bOnce more it was sunny in the morning – no wind. It picks up a bit later, thermal, but not too steady. In the race it blows at 4-6 m/s, which would normally be a wonderful wind. However due to the very soft surface of the ice the runners dig in and don’t go very fast. With this there is greater wind pressure from the sails and boats end up in wildly inclined positions.

Bajkal 2016, Asia Cup CZ 112 bThe whole day it doesn’t work for me. As the ice gradually softens I do steadily worse. I don’t even want to write much about it. From the start it goes well, at the first buoy I am in the top five or ten, but then I rapidly drop back to the rear, virtually stopping in each wind hole, and whole groups of my competitors overtake me. This means that out of today’s five races I end up 10th, 16th, 22nd, 24th and 24th, and overall I finish in 20th place.

The winner of the Asia Cup is Johan Tolsma H 580 with second Yuri Astashev R 22 and third Oleg Vasilev.

So we will see what tomorrow brings.

The overall results are here, page 1 and page 2