Bajkal 2016, zahajeni bThe morning of the first day of racing is beautifully sunny. I’m still a bit washed out and don’t want to get up. The time difference is still going to be affecting me for at least another day. The opening ceremony for the whole Baikal Ice Yachting Week begins. Immediately after we go to race as the Asia Cup awaits us.

Bajkal 2016, pred Asia Cup bThe ice is lousy, soft, the runners digging as much as 8 mm into it. I start on the extreme left of a fifty-strong field. After the start a car drives next to me and tries to take photos or something. That doesn’t happen at home. The wind gusts wildly and turns, sometimes dropping, but somehow we finish. It doesn’t work for me and I finish in 20th place. The heat is won by Oleg Vasilev R1, who I name “the master of weak wind”. He manages when the rest of us are at a standstill or have to push.

In the second heat Oleg R 1 gives up. He had to get off and run. For him it was a clear signal that the race was irregular. I couldn’t tell because I had to push all the time. In the last circuit I had collision that wasn’t my fault with the youngster Sergey R 125, who hit me from behind. So I told him off – these youngsters! And what’s more the front pulley of my sheet came off the shackle, so I fixed it on the way. I came in 28th, probably the last out of those that did not give up. Nothing to write home about. What can be done? After that the referees sent us to the bank. We go to catch up on our sleep deficit.

Asia Cup results after the first day

We will see what tomorrow brings…