Saturday April 11, 2015

Bajkal 2015, evening in the pubHead feeling good, not hurting, in the evening I drank plenty of water . It’s clear that we will not be racing long today. The last three starts remain. Another sunny day, a bit below zero and a slight wind of about 2-4 m/s. We move up to the starting line. A good start, I finish in fifth place. My great rival here, Diderick H 467 was back in 18th place. He is not going to get me in this race. I duly let him know, just as he would do to me in my place, and then we both laugh.

For the next start I try out the deepest sail. It seems to me that the wind is pretty weak. But I am wrong and finish ninth. Diderick is eighth. But it was worth a try, it is another experience.

And now the last race. The interim leader is Jost Kolb G 936 a whisker in front of Ron Sherry US 44. But all is still open. Either can win. I don’t know about Ron, but Jost is deadly serious about it. When I wanted to look over something on his boat he was quick to shoo me away. I didn’t hang around to offer any banter and left – it was clear that his nerves were working on him.

Bajkal 2015, leading groupAnd then the start. Which is good – I can’t complain. I can thank the Hrádek ice hockey team for keeping me fit. We go round three times, Ron and Jost flash past, I don’t follow it precisely, but they are probably slugging it out. M 53 leads and gets to the finish first, confirming an overall third place. Jost G 936 gets to the finish in fourth place, I am fifth and behind me is Ron Sherry US 44. It is clear that overall Jost Kolb is the winner and Ron Sherry gets silver. I finish seventh overall and am pretty content.

Now we just have to deal with mundane matters, pack all our stuff in to the container, which will take several weeks to follow us back to Europe. I’m not at all keen to return to the shore, it is such a beautiful day, calling for climbing into a yacht, hauling up the sheet and heading for the far horizon …

Baikal is a wonderful place. Perhaps we will find ourselves there again sometime.

Let’s see what …

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