Tuesday April 7, 2015Bajkal 2015, Pierre Z25

Today in the morning it was appreciably warmer outside and there was a wind blowing while we had breakfast. Today it was above zero for the first time. The wind down on the lake was very variable. We wait while the track is set up, no wind, then it is twisting, then it blows horribly strong, only from completely the wrong direction. Despite this the judges send us out for one attempt. This ends after not even one complete circuit. Several times we move a few kilometres, but not even that helps. After a whole day on the ice we haven’t completed even one race. So the Baikal Cup ends with yesterday’s results and we go back to the shore.Bajkal 2015, waiting for the wind

I take the runners with me as they suffered a few scratches from stones and need smoothing. On the bank however I felt rough. Nothing to do with the grinding. Diarrhoea and vomiting. I had the shivers. Scared to venture far from a toilet. It’s a bit weird, after all the vodka we had yesterday on our visit to the Irkutsk yachtsmen had to be sterile! I don’t take part in the evening’s announcement of the Baikal Cup results. Ron Sherry US 44 won by a whisker from Jost G 936.

So, let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Results Baikal Cup 2015