Baby Predator

26.8.2012 Baby Predator mk4 Test

Vladislav Ptašnik

Another series of tests took place at the end of August. Representatives from Compotech and Multi-hul Shop were testing their Baby Predator mk4 on the Wesser river in North Germany. Everything was happening under the close watch of local radio station Radio Brehmen and their camera. Thanks to the efforts of the filming team, you can see some footage from the test (video here).

Not all of the tests were captured by the camera. In the preceding days, the Baby Predator was tested in an extreme wind of 7-8 Bft. Capsizing was not a rare occurrence; even the mast broke. In conclusion, we can say that the catamaran base has now been reasonably designed, while the rig still needs some tuning up. If everything runs smoothly, a serial production launch will be prepared during the 2012/2013 winter.

Photo gallery

21.-29.1. 2012 Baby Predator at Boot Düsseldorf

CompoTech is further developing its inflatable catamaran Baby Predator. The fourth generation of this unusual concept can be seen at Boot Düsseldorf. Series production is being prepared for the summer 2012. Baby Predator attracted already a lot of attention during the first exhibition weekend. There is no other concept like this. Judge on yourself. Photogallery English Flyer German Flyer