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Europeans 2011, Racing Day Two, Part 5/8

ME 2011, Martin a

I was the first at the race course. It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day; temperature: -10 degrees. It must have been really freezing at night. I caught up with Jakub’s van on the way. Why did they not park … read more »

Europeans 2011, Qualification Race, Part 4/8

ME 2011, start

We got up early on Sunday since we had to finish the work on the runners. And then we quickly set up the yacht and got to the qualification race’s starting point. The EC racing system works like this: All … read more »

Europeans 2011, Training, Part 3/8

ME 2011, příprava na trénink

Saturday morning, we set off towards the starting point. I kept wondering about the aforementioned smooth ice, since everything I saw was covered with snow. After 8 kilometres we arrived in a yacht club at the Riga Bay shore. We … read more »

Europeans 2011, on the road, part 2/8

ME 2011, trajekt

If Google Maps could display DN sailors in the form of black dots, you would be able to see how 163 of them started moving immediately after the announcement was published, streaming from various European or world locations to one … read more »

Europeans 2011, Preparation, Part 1/8

ME 2011, příprava na Máchově jezeře a

Last year, I put down a few observations and impressions of the Czech racers from the World and European Championship in DN ice sailing.  The great acceptance that this mini-series of articles generated surprised me very much. It made me … read more »

Worlds and Europeans 2010, report 8/8

MS 2010, česká výprava

This morning: minus 3 degrees, excellent wind of 5-6 m/s, but everything is white. There is 14 cm of snow on the ice, more snowdrifts here and there. The bloody snow has found us even here at the VERY LAST … read more »

Worlds and Europeans 2010, report 7/8

MS 2010 Predator a

On Thursday, we woke up rather tired as the official declaration of the World Championship results took place the night before. The organising staff and many sailors were staying in Sporthotel in the neighbouring town of Rust. Ice yachting is … read more »

Worlds and Europeans 2010, report 6/8

MS 2010 tři Češi u bóje a

We all got up early this morning and had breakfast with Michal, the fresh world champion, who stayed on the same floor. And then straight onto the marina ice to prepare the yachts. The 2010 European Championship in ice yachting … read more »

Worlds and Europeans 2010, report 5/8

MS 2010 Pepa letí a

The thermometer displayed 24 Fahrenheit this morning; I still did not know how much that was, but it was definitely warmer than the day before. I put the deep sail on my yacht in the marina as the weather forecast … read more »

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