28.-30.9.2012 Catamaran Open Jestřábí II.

Last winter, when the date of this race was announced, I thought: “It’s later than other years, no longer an Indian summer, it’ll be windy!” But it wasn’t so. We stayed on the shore the whole Friday and Saturday. Double shame, as the Tornado class managed to attract 14 boats, including two from Austria, one from Poland, and two from Germany! 10 crews turned up for the Open Category. Although both classes raced separately this time, the races featured 21 boats altogether. Catamarans in the Czech Republic are flourishing – no doubt about it.

Even though the main referee was holding off shutting the races down almost until dusk, not a single race could start. The wind only came with dusk. It blew for less than an hour, but at around 6-8m/s. The crews of two Tornadoes and both Predators did not hesitate for a minute and set off for training. It was almost pitch dark when they returned, but it was worth it. It must have been a very good experience for Ondřej Uher, Jr. and Vojta Kordovský, the new crew of the Predator CZE 013, which was equipped with a wing mast. It was their first time in such a wind. At one moment they were very close to capsizing, but they still made it. Well, perhaps another time…

The last regatta day finally brought some racing. The wind was rather weak, but it worked. The Tornado Class managed to run four races, and the Open Class three. I sailed the Predator CZE 007 together with Vojta Houska, who had just confirmed the inflow of young sailors in this attractive category. We went through very interesting duels against the other Predator, CZE 013, with the aforementioned crew. We were never the first at the windward buoy in the first lap. Always behind them. Luckily, we managed to make it up while sailing downwind. It worked for us in these races, but things may be quite different next time. David Křížek was watching our duels with content. When dashing around him while being chased by the other Predator, I complained about the young lacking respect for the older generation…. “And they are quite right!” he shouted from his Tornado.
Results Catamaran Open Jestřábí II 2012

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